Friday, February 27, 2009

Kayaking to Mound Key Island

Dan and I went on a kayak trip to Mound Key while in Fort Myers, Florida. The Island is accessible only by boat from the south end of Estero Island. We had a great time at this archaeological site that was framed with mangrove trees. The shell mounds on Mound Key are more than 30 feet above the waters of Estero Bay and the highest point for miles around. It's almost all an artificial creation from 2,000 years of human activity. When the first Indian inhabitants arrived on Mound Key, the fish and shellfish were abundant around the island. As the centuries of fishing and shellfish collecting went by, discarded shells, bone, and pottery piled up! As time went on, the island grew larger and higher. This really was a interesting island to explore. Plus, it was fun because we were the only people on the island that day. Hopefully we'll get back there someday to do more exploring. :)