Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Morning sunshine :)

Popping out yesterday from hibernation, one of my turtles blinked as the sunlight danced on her face. How excited I was to see them, knowing they were submerged under ice this winter longer than expected.  I smiled at the simplicity of this event but wondered how life looked at that moment through the eyes of a turtle after 4 1/2 months of sleeping.  I didn't see any excitement there nor smile, but I assume they were ready to start anew and look for that first taste of spring bugs.  Good morning sunshine, welcome back.   :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dolphin surprise

Is it just me or my boat logo that seem to attract dolphins, and alligators if your asking. :) Last year I almost capsized as a dolphin caught me by surprise and jumped in the water two inches from the bow of my boat. On this particular day, those mighty creatures once again showed up in all their glory. At first, I saw out of the corner of my eye something large jumping into the water. My thought was, is there someone else out here traipsing through the mango trees on the Great Calusa Blueway in the Gulf like us? But then we saw it. That dark fin sticking out of the water. Shark? For a second,I thought just that. Then to our surprise 2 dolphins circled around us. Now my boat's name is pronounced Flipper, but spelled "Flip-Her" on the decal. Always seemed funny, but not so much at that moment. Hesitant at first, my reluctance vanished as I heard the echo of my voice saying to Dan, "Let's follow them"! Say What?? lol But follow we did until Dan said he had enough. Those dolphins took us out of the mango trees and way out into the gulf. Needless to say, riding the waves while following those dolphins was a highlight of that particular day. :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Love cannot be an elusive dream.  We touch it, embrace it, savor it.  It is an obtainable reality when one lets it be.  Love sits there waiting to be caught.  It embraces the soul while lifting the heart to a lightness of freedom.  It shows no boundaries.  Love exemplifies kindness... illuminates strength.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fresh and Bright

  Sometimes we wait for the best possible time for decisive moments to arrive, and sometimes we just wait for the snow. :)  How I loved this day when all seemed fresh and bright.
I had sat here in the south a couple weeks ago as excitement and pictures flew my way from those back home of more snow than one could ask for.  Thoughts of cross country skiing dangled in a bubble above my head while reality and pure jealousy brought it crashing down. But, as the pictures continued, I sensed a change in the air.  Could it in Georgia?  At the first sight of snow I was out the door catching them on my tongue.  By evening and 4 inches later, I was fully garbed in my snow gear feeling exhilarated and throwing snowballs.   While sled riding down the back hill and loving the cool blast on my cheeks, I a girl.   :)  Over and over I went down that hill and convinced myself that with patience, some things which seem impossible, actually do happen.  It might not be the record snow fall of the north, but snow in Georgia?  Of Course!