Monday, March 15, 2010

Dolphin surprise

Is it just me or my boat logo that seem to attract dolphins, and alligators if your asking. :) Last year I almost capsized as a dolphin caught me by surprise and jumped in the water two inches from the bow of my boat. On this particular day, those mighty creatures once again showed up in all their glory. At first, I saw out of the corner of my eye something large jumping into the water. My thought was, is there someone else out here traipsing through the mango trees on the Great Calusa Blueway in the Gulf like us? But then we saw it. That dark fin sticking out of the water. Shark? For a second,I thought just that. Then to our surprise 2 dolphins circled around us. Now my boat's name is pronounced Flipper, but spelled "Flip-Her" on the decal. Always seemed funny, but not so much at that moment. Hesitant at first, my reluctance vanished as I heard the echo of my voice saying to Dan, "Let's follow them"! Say What?? lol But follow we did until Dan said he had enough. Those dolphins took us out of the mango trees and way out into the gulf. Needless to say, riding the waves while following those dolphins was a highlight of that particular day. :)

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