Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fresh and Bright

  Sometimes we wait for the best possible time for decisive moments to arrive, and sometimes we just wait for the snow. :)  How I loved this day when all seemed fresh and bright.
I had sat here in the south a couple weeks ago as excitement and pictures flew my way from those back home of more snow than one could ask for.  Thoughts of cross country skiing dangled in a bubble above my head while reality and pure jealousy brought it crashing down. But, as the pictures continued, I sensed a change in the air.  Could it be...snow...here in Georgia?  At the first sight of snow I was out the door catching them on my tongue.  By evening and 4 inches later, I was fully garbed in my snow gear feeling exhilarated and throwing snowballs.   While sled riding down the back hill and loving the cool blast on my cheeks, I screamed....like a girl.   :)  Over and over I went down that hill and convinced myself that with patience, some things which seem impossible, actually do happen.  It might not be the record snow fall of the north, but snow in Georgia?  Of Course! 


MK said...

Nice pic. Did you ever imagine you would see this much snow in the south???

Carol said...

I will say that I never thought I would be sled riding here! I walked around the block in the west dragging my sled and jumping on when going downhill. :)