Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In pursuit of happiness...

In between the much needed rain yesterday, I went outside to check on the turtles to make sure they weren't in a flooding area.  Having found out this past spring that my turtles of 6-8 years were not both females, it has in fact made for an interesting time.  I will say they seemed happy of just doing their own thing before maturity set in .   But, the days when they each ignored the other have disappeared.  Separate food spots, swimming holes or sleeping quarters are now a thing of the past.  They play, chase and anything else you can think of to occupy their time.  :)  As their pursuit of happiness comes to play, I can't help but take pictures while smiling at their journey. :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good and Sticky :)

As everything in life, there are those certain things that just makes me smile.  One being, caramel apples!  Gone are the days when giving apples at Halloween were the thing to do.  Now, it's only those certain few that can enjoy this luxury. So with sticky faces, these apples were devoured while more were requested.  Oh, to feel needed because of my caramel apples.  lol   :)