Friday, November 28, 2003

Yesterday's pictures

A lot of activities yesterday in our household.  Besides the cooking of Tom in the oven we enjoyed spending time together as a family.  Had a pool tournament and lost some money.  Today I think I won't gamble as much as 5 bucks a game like yesterday! lol  We watched the "Hulk" movie together and apparently that consisted of beating up the blown up Hulk that Brian owns.  Is that a guy thing??  The rubik's cube was done 3 times from my engineer husband who impressed the kids each time. How did he have so much time on his hands ??   Today we will fight the crowds at the malls as is tradition....I want to change that, but it seems my daughter is against it. I will have to look at it as quality time with her instead of quality time with a zillion of other people!  


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wfhbear said...

Thanks for the sharing the pictures of you family Thanksgiving. I like to see people do things as a family. We sure need more of it. My Regards, Bill