Sunday, February 10, 2008

Etowah River

I spent a cold February day on the river with Daniel and sixteen other people. We paddled the Etowah River with the intentions of going through an old mining tunnel that was 1/4 mile long. It was supposed to be dark, narrow, quick and scary. Just what I was looking for. :) Needless to say when we arrived, there were "no trespassing" signs with a fine of $5,000. Dan, myself and all but a few opted to paddle on down the river instead of taking our chances. With the temperatures in the 30's, we decided not to chance getting stuck in a dark cold tunnel alone nor pay a fine. (maybe when it gets warmer :)

But, it ended up being a fun day on the water. We had obstacles that made the paddle exciting, a takeout that took every bit of leftover energy, and we met new friends to paddle with in the future. Can't wait till next time. :)


littlelady1699 said...

Hi I just came acroos your Blog.......looks good.

I would of gone with you in the mine!!!!!!


ait6770 said...

Hi, that looks like so much fun, but I'd hate to fall in the water in February.  Now I wouldn't mind in July though!!!  I have never gone kayaking, but I will someday. In your blog you mention the Etowah River.  Is that in Etowah, NC?