Friday, May 9, 2008

Swing Life Away

When was the last time I was on a swing.....? I can't remember, but know it was when the kids were little.
I was drawn to it this past weekend while visiting family in Pennsylvania. As I watched my nephew from the kitchen window, I saw a smile on his face as he was swinging. He was wrapped up in his own world and enjoying his quiet time. When did I last feel that? I used to love the big swings where it felt like you were a mile off the ground and letting go would take you flying.

Needless to say I went outside. I told him he looked quite content there and asked to join him. He said it's best when your swinging by yourself. Disappointed, I then turned to walk away so he could continue. He jumped up and said it was my time to see for myself! As he left me there swinging, I knew just what he was talking about. I could have stayed there much longer then my schedule allowed. There is something about swinging and smiling that goes hand in hand as I quickly learned.
He went and grabbed my camera and took this picture to remember that moment. :) I smiled while my thoughts were swinging life away.....

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