Thursday, November 27, 2008

Apple or Pumpkin? :)

Thanksgiving of childhood years can bring back such fun memories. This year as I was at the hectic part of getting dinner on the table while everything was still hot, I received a text message from my cousin. I haven't spoke with him since the family reunion in July so I took the time to respond. He was at his parent's home with siblings and family also waiting for dinner. All he text was "I'm waiting to see if they're putting me at the adult table or kids table". That's all I needed to laugh hysterically for the memories came flooding back. Every year when we were young, our three related families got together that included us 7 kids. We in turn sat at the kids table separate from the adults and wondered which one of us would be lucky enough to sit with them at "the important adult table" the following year. As our knees grew closer to the card table's top, we thought surely the next year we'd be there. Never happened. We stayed at those small tables until our late teens when all of a sudden our significant others added too many for the occasion and dinner was split and had at three different homes. It wasn't until later in years did we realize that we had the best of the two tables. We had laughter and jokes, teasing, competitions of who could eat the most while balancing the table on our knees, along with conversations like why do we have to choose between apple and pumpkin since we just wanted both! But most of all, we had cousin camaraderie that has lasted over the years. When the line "kids table or adult table?" can be said to any one of my cousins and it produces a smile with laughter , you know we actually were at the important table. Pie anyone? :)

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