Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spiraling newness

I was asked today "what's new?" as someone was racing past me. Did they really want to know what's new in my life, in the world or was it just a rhetorical question? My reply? "Nothing." My thoughts were screaming "are you serious? Nothing??"
Why is it that I hold back responding while my brain is thinking that the zillion new things going on in my life has me scrounging for something familiar? "Nothing"? On the contrary. My thoughts went directly to my daughter who is graduating this weekend and moving to Phoenix. With that, should I worry about her living close to Mexico and the swine flu threat or is the former Mexico President that is speaking at the Emory Commencement enough of a concern for me? Or does the proximity really matter with this virus? I then blinked and thought of my Dad who just this past weekend was hospitalized because he passed out while driving. Heart condition? Stroke? Tests proved negative, but getting back in that driver seat is something new to really think about. And yet another blink had me thinking of my best friend who is trying to move to California to pursue work. But "nothing"?? Really??? What I should have answered was "did you know that today the art world is stirring up controversy that Van Gogh didn't really cut off his own ear, but his jealous live-in did it?" I think the race would have stopped at that note.

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