Friday, November 5, 2010


While walking the busy street of Galway in Ireland, I walked toward a man riding his bike with his dogs tagging along.  What stood out to me at first was the man's different look in nature.  He was older and very unique in his appearance.  He carried a look of knowledge but teetering on bizarre.  He had long hair that was matted and tied up in a bun on top of his head.  Clothes that resembled mismatched rags with a worn flair that screamed stylish. He had on his shoulder an expensive leather bag that seemed to be dated but stuffed with treasures I suppose. Not quite sure where he fit in, I knew that he caught my eye with his incomparable look.  He stopped outside a cafe and propped his old bike against the wall.  Out from the leather bag came a black rope that he attached to one on his dogs.  And then turning to the other dog, he proceeded to attach the other end.  Casually he walked in the cafe, sat down, pulled out a book and waited to order.  Huh?  Am I missing something?? His dogs stood there and looked at me.  What was holding them back from leaving?  Did they think they were actually tied to something solid?  My thoughts went from "that man IS crazy" to "maybe he really does have something quite right".  They seemed content, but alert.  Protective of each other or the man?  Free to leave...but then, why not just stay? I apparently had the wrong piece missing.

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sunflowerkat321 said...

This is a great story and food for thought. I love the photo even more. Thanks for sharing!