Monday, July 4, 2011

Bunny track

Being back in Pittsburgh feels great with the 65 degree morning weather and no humidity to be found.  What a difference from last week when we were smoldering in the sun at 100 degrees and spf lotion that was applied hourly still gave us burning skin.  The breeze seems to be consistent and I almost feel as if moving back could be an option.  :)
As I get up each morning to walk/run on the nearby track, I see each day little bunny rabbits. I have forgotten just how many there are up here! They stand there on the side of the track with their white tail just watching as I buzz by. Again and again around the track I go. Again and again they stare. Their cuteness reminded me of why, long ago as a teen, I wanted a rabbit as a pet. All these years later I still have pet rabbits. :)
With the alarm set for 7:15, I'm up and raring to go. With a little breakfast, a little music, I'm off to walk in the cool weather to check out the bunny track. :)
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