Monday, June 25, 2012

Travel day

June 15, 2012

Here I sit in my tent which will be called home for the next week. I'm organized and ready to start bright and early in the morning on the Altamaha River. A little after 6am today , Dan and I started what will be our 8th year paddling a different Georgia river. For 7 straight days we will paddle from Reidsville to Darien consisting of 105 miles. But first we had to get here.
Driving 4 hours to the launch site, we dropped our boats off and proceeded to travel 2 more hours to Darien to leave our vehicle for the trips end. Taking a charter bus, we went 2 hours back to the launching area and campsite. A lot of traveling and much easier than the average 8000 strokes a day we will endure. I'm ready, excited and filled with anticipation of what we will find along our journey. So far, it's mostly the gnats that have greeted us upon our arrival. But I'm sure bigger and better things await us. :)

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