Tuesday, December 9, 2003


Christmas is just around the corner and Santa Claus is coming to town... should I watch out now and start crying?....will he remember me being naughty?.... is it too late to start trying to be nice?....think he will notice my pout?....will he remember when I was good or just all that bad stuff?....has he been watching me when I lay there and can't sleep??......will he check his list more than twice just for me to give me a break?..... goodness sakes.... is 16 days till Christmas enough time for me to change his mind and think about stopping here?...should I start stressing now????...   :)

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wfhbear said...

Go ahead and stress out. Everybody else is in the same boat. I suspect that "The List" shows just about all of us getting coal and switches. Actually I could use the caol to fill the coal cars on my model railroad set and the switches to shange the track patterns and run the system. Ho, Ho, Ho, when will be know? 12/25 is when it will show.