Saturday, August 21, 2004

Moving out my son - Phase 2...with tears in my eyes

















Last Sunday we moved our son to his apartment at college for his sophomore year.  He called this move phase 2 and worried how I was going to handle once again him going off to school.  Last year was bad enough.  This time it would consist of all his bedroom furniture and leaving an empty room for me at home.   My oldest, who is not afraid to tell me anything that is on his mind, is just like me.      

How is it that this child of mine is old enough to be out on his own when I feel it was only yesterday that he came into the world?  This is not to say that he lacks independence, for this has always been his strong point.  Maybe what I feel is that I am not ready.  Mixes feelings of being proud along with loss is something harder than I ever imagined. 


pawsadam said...

I can tell you from experience as being the oldest and the first to move out that the "1st Apartment" move is harder than the "Dorm" move. But the good news is that while the relationship may be changing, it is also getting better. You will be able to relate to him as an adult and more as an equal than just as a Mom. Cherish this time!

sasonalmah said...

I am sure it is hard.  I haven't experienced this myself, but I am sure things will be fine and eventually, you will feel better!