Saturday, January 8, 2005

High Museum of Art

"I certainly hope to sell in the course of time, but I think I shall be able to influence it most effectively by working steadily on, and that at the present moment making desperate efforts to force the work I am doing now upon the public would be pretty useless."   Vincent van Gogh

Yesterday, Kelly and I visited the Art Museum to see the works of van Gogh.  This was art from the Kroller-Muller Museum in the Netherlands and had been on display since late October.  There were over 20 paintings and drawings by van Gogh.  The highlighted painting of this exhibition was "Cafe Terrace by Night".  It was exciting to see the original of this famous painting.   For a Friday afternoon,  the museum was filled with art enthusiasts waiting to see a glimpse of beauty.  I was able to take some pictures, but not in the special traveling exhibit.  I few of my favorites were the marble sculptures and this exotic piece that captured my attention. It was a nice afternoon spent  with Kelly and seeing her enjoy these masterpieces also.


pawsadam said...

I love art work! On of my favorite trips was to Washington DC where we went to all the museums.

gbgoglo said...

WOW!  Amazing picture.  I llike van Gogh's quote...if he only could see his work now and what its worth.  Thank you for sharing...gloria

deveil said...

The high musuem was my first art musuem.  Still remember the trip in the back of the camper with 5 other students and our teacher.  I remember being in a trance going from painting to painting.  It was surreal for sure.  I was the student really into art.  And it was a trip I'll never forget.   Van Gogh has always been one of my favorites.