Saturday, January 15, 2005

Kelly #32

This has been a good year so far for the girls varsity team.  They are currently 1st in the district and things are looking good for them with the upcoming games.  With 3 games a week, they have an  extremely busy schedule but they seem to get through it.  It has been fun watching Kelly play as always, but not fun seeing her bumps and bruises after the game.  Last night she had 2 goose egg bumps on her forehead from taking a charge!  Hopefully tonight's game won't be as rough.  Keep up the good playing girls!












She made this shot.   :)


deveil said...

Good luck this season.  I played basketball in college too, I'm 6'4" tall, my nickname was Larry Bird.  You are as excited as they are playing, your a great mom!  Any pictures of ya'll in the snow on your vacation?


gbgoglo said...

Great pictures!

southsexkitten68 said...


You are a wonderful mother....very caring and loving and attentive to your children.  I have read your journals for a long time now and always enjoy then.  You breathe a breath of fresh air into every situation.  I admire you and I am sure your children learn wonderful lessons daily from your positive attitude.  

Thank you for sharing your life!

cneinhorn said...

yay! she made the shot! wonderful action photos, especially the first one!