Saturday, February 5, 2005


Something that was lost
is now in the light
shining brightly with a smile  :)


Today was my first day out and about since my eye surgery last Monday.  I had the second lens implant put into place and I will have to say that I see clearly now.  :)   It's amazing how things look to me with it's clarity and brightness.  I feel like I have everything new to see and explore.  It's no wonder that I wanted to go hiking on this day. The skies were as blue as ever and the warmth from the sun seemed like spring was already here. I had picked a hike close by instead of heading north.    It wasn't the mountain view that I always crave, but the skyline of Atlanta.  I picked this hike because I actually wanted to "see" the skyline which had always been difficult before to make out.  I wasn't disappointed.

I sit here now at my desk with a glass of wine at my side and a smile on my face.  It was a great day.  :)



deveil said...

beautiful sight.  Glad your doing good and out and about!  I love your saying.  Sounds like we both had wonderful days.


jspiker said...

GREAT !!!!!!    It's really good to hear you are viewing the world from this new perspective. It took a lot of courage to have eye surgery again. I hope you enjoy the flowers, the sunshine, and the beauty of nature this spring!

deabvt said...

Aww, terrific!!  [and the pic ain`t bad either!]

gbgoglo said...

Great news!  Your saying reflects your picture.  Hugs, gloria