Tuesday, February 22, 2005















caught in the undertone
and thinking this is crazy

could it be they just don't know
as I sit here watching them
that they pull themselves down
just by speaking their words?  

would they save face if only they knew
and care if they found out?

the exchange of spoken words
unaffected in utterance


deveil said...

I love this, sad, but beautiful, sometimes I just want to shake some people when I'm listening, but I guess everyone finds everything in their own time.


deveil said...

the more I read this the more I love it, because it doesn't just have to be about us listening, added with your picture, it could be someone listening to us from above.


gbgoglo said...

The words have a bittersweet ring to them but the picture looks as if the treetops are gathering to speak.  I so love this!  And no one listening....gloria