Monday, June 13, 2005

What goes around comes around














I remember being 18 and trying to "find myself" and thought at the time I had everything figured out.  Little did I know that it would take years before I looked back and realized that I like everyone else, made it through those times by trial and error.  I enjoyed my newfound freedom that we think comes at the magical age of 18.   I worked, studied and  even took a summer  just traveling the east coast.  If you told me I couldn't do something, then the next thing you know I was doing it.  My daughter is now at this age and I'll be watching  closely at her choices even though at a distance.  And it has already started.  A week after graduation, she decided to pierce her nose.  She told me hours before she was going to do it, which is more than I did at her age with different things.  I remember secretly piercing my ears for the first time at 16 when I was suppose to wait till 18.  (Yes, times have changed)    This little diamond on her nose will not scar if she  takes it out some day, but I see how like myself, she needed  to express herself.  I'm sure by the time she's a doctor, that little piercing will be out of there.  One can only hope. 


gbgoglo said...

Isn't it scary?!  Some of our independence and the things we did come back around to haunt us through our children?!  Oh, Boy!  And, life continues on...  Great post!  

rootbeerses said...

Nice Journal!!    Congrats to the Graduate!


deabvt said...

And how we live again, through our kids.