Thursday, June 2, 2005
















It's amazing how we love. 
At times I look beyond what I need to see and my answers are always the same.  The love that surrounds us continues on with familiarity.   We look, desire, and dream, but come back to the love that settles in just right.  That all too familiar nestle on the shoulder that helps us drift off to sleep while dreaming of foreign territory, seems to fit in our world.  The exciting love of long ago replaced by the comfort of that same love.  Those same passions are not extinguished, yet on a different Plain.
I find myself this morning probably thinking too much, desiring too much and dreaming as I go about my day.  I need to get my act together.   :)

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gbgoglo said...

What you say here, rings so true...  It's the "thinking too much, desiring too much, and the dreaming" that can get one in trouble unless one "gets their act together"