Friday, May 27, 2005

Class of 2005

Kelly is graduating tomorrow from High School along with over 500 other students.  The past two weeks have been exciting with end of year events and celebrations.  The accomplishments that Kelly has made throughout her high school years are staggering to me. 




Her busy schedule that she endured along with work and sports has made for one busy senior year.  She jetted to the nearby college for half of her AP classes to get a head start on her "long" college career as she would say. 

Entering Emory University in Atlanta for pre-med in August will definitely be a lengthy haul, but I know she for one will be able to do it. 


I look forward to tomorrow with mixed emotions. I am proud, yet sad that this phase of her life is over.  I am excited for her, but worried about upcoming college life.  



I also look forward to watching her accomplish the goals she has set in life for herself and hope that she continues to smile that bright smile that she so easily gives.   The years have flown by, but I loved every minute seeing her blossom.  Good luck tomorrow Kelly.  I love you!  :) 


mariebm56 said...

Beauitful photos of a beautiful girl~
Congratulations to you & your daughter!

gbgoglo said...

Congratulations KELLY!  Congratulations Mom!  These rites of passages will tug at your heart every time.  I think it's what's known as "bittersweet moments"... What a remarkable young lady to accomplish so much, being so young.  You and your husband take a bow...APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE!  That's for having good parenting skills!  Hugs and blessings!

sasonalmah said...

Congrats!!!!  My sister graduated this year, too!  Go class of '05!!!


bookncoffee said...

oh, congratulations Kelly.  What a nice entry!  I can just imagine the bitter sweet thoughts you have about her going to college.  My PreTeen is 12 and just finished the 6th grade (with straight A's all the way thru).  She won the Presidents award with a trophy and signed certificate from President Bush.  But if she were going to college already I'd just be crushed.  It goes by so fast doesn't it?


deveil said...

Way to go Kelly, Congradulations!  All that hard work will pay off.  She does have a great smile Carol!   God bless Kelly!


cneinhorn said...

congratulations to Kelly for all those wonderful accomplishments!  way to go!  Good luck at college :-)