Friday, May 6, 2005

Retreat Weekend

Brian and Kelly went on spring retreat last weekend about 3 hours north from here with 50 other teens from our church.  This was Kelly's last retreat with LifeTeen since she will be graduating this year and it was Brian's first trip.  She has tried many times to get him to go but he always refused.  I think this time changed everything for him as he plans to continue with the youth group in the fall.   

This cross of stained glass was made that weekend for them.  Each teen wrote their name  on the front of a stained glass piece, and also what they struggle with in life on the back.  This was in conjunction with a session group focusing on life's struggles and how they can be overcome.  Kelly and a couple other seniors carried this cross into church for mass when they returned from the trip.  It was beautiful. 


trishaham said...

Oh it sounds beautiful. What a lovely cross. I love the sentiment.

eternallife23 said...

That cross is beautiful what a great idea. *Louise*

deveil said...

The cross is beautiful!  You've got a great bunch.  That cross just takes my breath away every time I look at it.


kissofvanity said...

What a simply beautiful gift.

Ana  ((0.~))