Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Mother's Day

A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.
- Tenneva Jordan

I grew up thinking I was so different from my mother and that I would do things my way when I had gotten older.  I did grow up to do things the way I wanted, as my mother stood by in amazement.  She would always say "Carol does her own thing"! 

Am I different than her?  Yes, but not really. Probably more like her than not.   I think we all come full circle in learning this.

I found myself cleaning up the dishes at my son's apartment the other day to help out and realized I'm just like her!  She would always come and visit and start cleaning my house.  I would take it as "don't I do things right?"  while she's thinking of just relieving my workload.

I see now that I follow her in the important things that really do matter in life.  The unending love and support that she gave us is now passed to my own children through her teaching and example. I have her faith, her strength and her will to help others.  I have her nonstop work till you drop attitude, her always putting her family  in front of herself way of doing things along with the comfort that we felt  just knowing that she would be there no matter what. 

I can finally say "Yes, I'm like my mother, what's wrong with that? "

Happy Mother's Day Mom.  :)


jspiker said...

Yes....I know exactly what you mean. Isn't it amazing, that because of your personality traits, it's difficult to reconize the same traits in others. It's certaintly nice to find yourself in a stage of life where you can appreciate it now!

Thanks for sharing and also making me more aware of my own views.

southsexkitten68 said...

That is so sweet!  =)


pawsadam said...

I love it when my mother-in-law came and did our dishes! Don't ever give that up :)


deveil said...

Two great, wonderful, beautiful mother's.  Great entry!


deabvt said...

You`re so lucky!!!

mariebm56 said...

What a beautiful entry....(It brought tears to my eyes, & I just put my make-up on)
Glad you left your link on my Journal!!