Friday, July 8, 2005


I couldn't help but buy this chocolate bar a few weeks ago looking for a golden ticket.  :)  Did I think that I would instantly be a winner?  Yep.  I always think positive!  lol

One of my favorite childhood movies will be at the theaters in a re-make starring Johnny Depp. 
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory makes it's debut next Friday.  Will it be as good as I remember it being long ago when it first came out in 1971? 
I think we all want the pure imagination in childhood to stay intact,  but watch it slip away as time goes by.   

There is something to say about the good always prevailing in the
end and this movie is no exception.  To feel like a kid in a candy store  is something we all love. I just hope I leave the theater wanting to get my hand on some chocolate bars!   

By the way, I do think I won the golden ticket in life.  :)


pawsadam said...

That is a great way to view life!

PS- Just a little warning about the movie: It isn't a remake of the movie. It is a new movie based on the original book. In fact, I read one of the big guys involved never even saw the original movie (not sure what planet he was living on!).
But with your deep intrest in books, I'm sure you won't mind them going back to the source :)


eynl said...

I did hear that about the movie!  I tend to think the book is always better anyway, so we'll see!  :)

deveil said...

This movie holds fond memories for me as well.  You did win the golden ticket!


deabvt said...

Just read the reviews! 4 stars!! Burton`s best!  Depp is awesome!

cneinhorn said...

we have the original version on dvd...still haven't gotten a chance to see the johnny depp version, but I will before the summer is out!