Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Not your typical Wednesday

The effects of today has left me with a rash of emotions.  Not sure where to start or if I even should!  lol   Some of the highlights were the police holding my painters hostage while our security alarm was going off because they tripped it while painting the windows.  Needless to say, I was on the tennis courts playing a match in the 3rd set and the score 5-4 in our favor.  After noticing my phone vibrating in my bag and a message from ADT security, I found out what was going on.  I Ok 'd the release of the painters and pondered  whether to finish out the match, or go home and shut the alarm off.  Thinking that it had been blaring for a half hour anyway,  I chose to just finish the match.  :)
Racing home, cutting the alarm, changing out of my drenched clothes,  (in between letting some lady interested in buying our car, take one of our vehicles to get it checked out by a mechanic at a car dealer)  and then rushing to the lake for an appointment to demo a kayak, I thought my day would be topped off by flipping the boat and getting wet. To my surprised I stayed dry.  :) 
Bottom line is, they finished the painting today without the police breathing down their necks,  we won our tennis match with a wide grin on my face, the lady wanted the car but at a much lower price, AND I ended up a new owner of a kayak.  :)

A day indeed!


jspiker said...

Whew....I bet you are glad it's over. Time to be on the water for awhile now.
I hope you enjoy the kayak.

moltenhalo said...

Congrats on the new kayak!  I'm jealous.  :)  And I think it's always the right choice to finish the game.  One of my favorite movie bits is in Young Guns 2, when Billy the Kid tells the story of the Chinese men playing a game as the world ends and all of them say what they're going to go do except the last one who says, "I shall finish the game."  I love that.

deveil said...

sounds like a wonderful full day!  Congrats on the new Kayak!  And winning the tennis match.


mtrib2 said...

Enjoyed reading about your painters dilemma.  Enjoy your new kayak.   Have a very good weekend,   mark