Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Georgia Southern University


  Last, but not least, we have Dave going back to school for his junior year at Georgia Southern.  It was great having him home for the summer and I am missing him since he went back to school.  My food bill should go way down now since I'm not feeding him and all his friends!  Although, yesterday he called and asked me if I would please send some homemade cookies to him!  lol
We went on this pontoon ride the day before he left for college for some fun in the sun, picnic, swimming  and tubing.  It was such a nice day.  Now it's back to the books for him and he seems to be doing great.  Hang in there Dave, your halfway done! 


pawsadam said...

Dena and I were just in Statesboro last week and drove through Georiga Southern. It's a very nice campus. (We were there for the Peanut Festival in Brooklet.)

deveil said...

Your such a wonderful, loving, encouraging mother.  I watch my sisters and see what a good job they are doing with their's.  Well Autumn isn't Sherry's but Sherry has practically raised her.  We had fun thinking of names if she has a little one soon.  I hope so, I'd love to have another little neice or nephew.  Ya'll have so much fun.