Friday, September 2, 2005




Even though one is unprepared
We can make it through the storms and wind of change.
With every hand that is extended
we should grasp
and every outlook will be the same.
It is in that emotion which holds steadfast
our feelings to give those comfort
when they don't even see where they will walk.


mtrib2 said...

Very enjoyable writing.  Watching about New Orleans is more depressing than I could ever imagine.  Criminals shooting at rescue helicopters.  It is insanity.  My prayers to all the people that are suffering, and unfortunately dying.   mark

monponsett said...

We'll clean it up. We're Americans. It may not be pretty, but I swear to God in Heaven that I will pound down booze in New Orleans again.

gabreaelinfo said...

A very sad time for out nation.


deveil said...

beautifully said Carol!