Wednesday, September 7, 2005


Our USTA summer ladies team finished off the season this year with a 9-1 team standing. We came in first place in the district and are headed to Macon for the State Championship next May. Yippee!
Should be a fun time and definitely a good experience for the team. All that hard work and sweating in the Hotlanta summer heat has paid off! :)


deabvt said...

Sorry, I`ve been sick for 2 weeks. I`ll be back more often. Flu!

deveil said...

Awesome, where the picture of you in the short skirt.  Carol's backhand slap on Derek's head.


eynl said...

Your too funny Derek.  :)

pawsdena said...

Is there anything that you don't do?!? Canoeing, Kayaking, Tennis...whew! You are such an inspiration to me as a mom. :)


moltenhalo said...

Congratulations!  That's awesome.  You know, you really seem like you make the most out of life.