Wednesday, October 5, 2005



Yes Derek, I'm back from vacation.  :) 

We took a couple of trips actually and one of them camping at Elkmont and hiking in the Smoky Mountains.  This was the most energetic trip for me and the one that I didn't want to leave from.  I saw my first black bear there when I was a child, and now my kids saw their first one also.  The first day of hiking to Laural Falls, we came upon a mother bear and 3 cubs.  Needless to say, I was a little nervous but excited to see them.  I didn't even take a snapshot picture because I was afraid the sound of my shutter  might cause a disturbance!  After watching them for a little while, the bears continued into the thick of the woods and we continued on our hike to the Falls.  Needless to say, the boys moved a little faster on the trail after that to keep up with my pace.  :)

We hiked to Grotto Falls and also many other trails in the mountains.  I felt alive and forgot the outside world for that week.  It was great and the scenery beautiful.  Next year I hope to bike the 11 mile loop around Caves Cove if I can get them to go back.  I think the word was, "This is Mom's thing, why do we have to do it?".  lol


sunflowerkat321 said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip.  That's just the kind of thing I'd like to do.  If your family won't go with you next time....give me a call!!!!

jspiker said...

Brian seems to be quite the comedian...that's a really funny picture of him passed out on the ground.

I love the Smokies but have never hiked Clingmans Dome. Those are some beautiful pictures of the mountains.

Glad to see you had a good time with the family.

Glad you are home safely again.

mariebm56 said...

these are great....especially #20! You do have a great sense of humor.
still laughing~  ; )

deveil said...

welcome back Carol, these pictures are wonderful.  I saw my first bear up in the Great Smokies as well.  I was on a campout with about 15 2nd graders.  I'll have to write an entry about that.  Cades Cove is like my favorite place in the world.  I did a bike trek through there for a day, and a good friend of mine and his wife work as park rangers there.  I love flying over it by helicopter too.  Looks like the whole family had lots of fun!  Yayyyy!


judithheartsong said...

wonderful post! judi

indigosunmoon said...

I was telling Derek that I haven't been to the Smokies in
over ten years.  Thanks for those photos!  They are so
good!  Makes me want to take a trip.  Soon!

barbpinion said...

Nice post. I love The Great Smoky Mountains.

moltenhalo said...

Great pictures!  I'm glad to know you didn't get eaten by the bear.  Been missing this stop on my daily(or nearly daily) walk through the blogs I check out.  Welcome back.  Don't stay away so long next time, we need those rays of sunshine you bring.  Yeah, we are just widdle flowers...  :)

mkolasa101 said...

Wonderful photos and thanks for sharing them.  Looks like everyone love the Smokey Mountains.  Found it when my now grown sons were very, very young and we always made a point to make it our last stop before heading on down to Florida.  I used to get withdraws as soon as we hit the flat land.  Wanted to move there so bad but that wasn't to be.  My sister and mom did and so we would visit them and then run all around the Smokeys.  Nothing like the Smokeys to revitalize and leave it's memory securely tucked away in that special place where you can go back anytime you want to take a moment to.