Monday, January 23, 2006

Quieting the senses

What is considered priority?
My life has mounds of priorities that sometimes can be overwhelming, though every one has importance in some way. Yes, few are of the most importance, but that does not diminish the others in their own way. The feeling of being pulled in a thousand directions can sometimes fog my path. It is at those moments that I stand back, find the quiet, and listen to my heart. This brings me to my center and throws the energy back in my being.
I had to do this the other day as my world closed in around me. I sought out the place where the peacefulness surrounds me and the quiet fills my senses.
I returned refreshed, smiling, and ready to conquer anything in my path. :)


deveil said...

beautifully said Carol!  So hard for me to find my still time lately, but I know I need it.  I'm looking forward to a little vacation this week, I'm headed to Georgia, my mom and me are gong up to North Georgia for a family reunion.  Should be fun, we're going to meet family we've never met.  I'm just ready for some relaxation.


sunflowerkat321 said...

Sometimes it's SO hard to hear the heart and spirit over the din of every day life.  I'm glad you found the right space to do so....