Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Statue at Carnegie Museum

The art of the embrace. I'm not sure which I like better, the statue itself or the embrace. Are they clinging together for pure love? Surrendering? Heartbreak? Or longing to just feel another's touch? The intenseness of this embrace shows.
In my life, I tend to hug those around me. Where it once seemed foreign to me while I was young to embrace friends, it now comes naturally. Sometimes you feel their love coming thru, other times just the motion is there. Yet, it doesn't take away the need that I have to express.
I like to think this statue signifies heartfelt love in the time of need, as feelings left unheard can never penetrate the desire we have to love.


jsfmatch said...

I have been looking at the picture of the statue.  You are right...the embrace is beautiful.  The feelings are intense.  There is despair.  There is comfort.  There is loss.  There is passion.  Above it all...there is a great love between them.  A love that transcends the pain.  A love that is delivered through the precious embrace.   May we never forget the power of a simple touch.  

deveil said...

this is just breathtaking Carol!  I could use a hug like that.  I tore a back muscle and missed out on my vacation to the Blue Ridge Mountains with my mom and sister.  So I was a little depressed.  This picture cheered me up


deabvt said...

That`s beautiful!