Monday, June 21, 2004

Day 4 of trip - Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium



Komodo Dragon

My intention today was to post a cool picture of a familiar animal from the zoo.  Some of my favorites were the giraffe and the zebras, but I kept going back to this picture of the Komodo Dragon.  I have never seen anything this different at the zoo.  This is the world's largest lizard and is found on the Indonesian Islands of Kmodo, Rinca, Flores, and Padar. His mother was a gift to President Reagan from the President of Indonesia in 1988.  It's a skilled hunter and scavenger and can eat up to 80 percent of its own body weight in one sitting!  He also locates prey up to 5 miles away with his sense of smell.   He's as huge as an alligator but had a head and tongue like a snake.  He looked very mean and kept showing his tongue like he was ready to attack.  I was glad to be behind the glass that protected us!


deabvt said...

WOW!   great Pic!

gbgoglo said...

Very unusual creature looking creature.