Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Day 5 of Trip - New River Gorge, West Virginia


This is a favorite area of mine and we decided to stop on our way back to do a little white water rafting.  Unfortunately the weather had been bad and the river was brown.  This was not good to take the kids on.  We ended up hiking instead.  This bridge is the longest steel-arched bridge in the world and is pretty cool to ride over and look down.  Way down!  It's 876 feet above the New River and is the second highest in the country.  The Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado is the highest.   















I spent a lot of time looking out at the mountains which reminded me of our view we had living in Virginia.  I miss that view.....  Anyway, the place was beautiful and a highlight for me of the trip.


deabvt said...

What a handsome family!

gbgoglo said...

These are great pictures.  Beautiful scenery and a beautiful family.  I couldn't stand the way you are with your daughter...I'm terrified of open heights.  gloria

sasonalmah said...

I am enjoying following you through your vacation!  It is nice to meet some of your family, too!


rrveh1 said...

Smiles..."Take Me Home Country Roads"...what a fantastic trip! Super photos!
I have seen these Arch Bridges and walked across the Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon, Colorado-an unforgettable experience-definitely magnificent places to see!
Thanks for sharing your great vacation!

deveil said...

Beautiful pictures, the mountains are so good for the soul.  One of the only times in my life I knew I was exactly where I am supposed to be in life was when I lived up in the mountains.  I felt closer to God!

jspiker said...

Hi Carol,

My favorite place in the state...I hike there often and always find peace and serenity whenever I am there. I'll be leading a hike there on July 25th and will be sure to post some pictures of the event.

I'm glad you visited the area and hope you always return to enjoy the scenery.