Friday, September 24, 2004


kokoapuffy1 said...

I just stopped in to Thank you for leaving a comment in my journal.....and have really enjoyed reading yours. I like your pictures, and the way you frame them.

southsexkitten68 said...

Hi Carol.  I subscribe to the alert to know when you have a new entry.  I have read your journal for awhile now and really love it.  You are have a beautiful outlook and I can feel your peace.  I love your quotes, ponderings, and pictures.  I would love to email you directly because I want to know how you create such artsy postings.  My name is Renae if you would like to email me.  

Thank you! =)

deabvt said...

{{{ Carol }}}  Beautiful.

sasonalmah said...

That is so ........peaceful.....*sighs*


cneinhorn said...