Saturday, September 18, 2004



I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues.
  -- Duke Ellington

Today was such a gorgeous day.  After the last storm that went thru here in Georgia, the sun shone again like it never left.  My morning walk felt good with the puffy clouds hanging in the sky.  The music I took with me today was again a mixture of favorite songs that I have put together for this month.  I have been making CD's for a few years now and have a collection of all different kinds.  Music fills my days, whether it's top hits, classic rock, classical or the blues.  You can always find me at least once a day dancing to the beat.  When I hear a song from long ago it will always bring back a memory of that time.  This Eric Clapton song that I'm playing is one of them.  I remember going to his concert long ago, the friends that I went with, and the fun that we had.  Good times?  Yep.  Good music?  You bet.  Well.....gotta go dance!  :)


deabvt said...

Wow!  Carol is that your jukebox?

marainey1 said...

Just a note to say I came visiting and will be back !  Music often brings back some sweet memories for me too !  'On Ya'  -  ma

valphish said...

Carol, thanks for visiting my journal and leaving a comment!  I hope your family in Pittsburgh is ok from the flooding.  Music really sends me back in time, also.  I listen to all kinds of music and it really evokes emotions in me.  I laugh, cry, dance, etc.  I really like your journal.  Your pics are great!  Take care!  ~Val