Tuesday, September 21, 2004


It was interesting for me to learn that we can take our own photos and turn them into real US postage.  Photo Stamps have been around since 1999.  Where have I been?  I became aware of it the other day in a news release about someone using questionable photos that passed the scrutiny of the policy terms.  Last year I became interested in collecting stamps and in turn received a box of about 3,000 old stamps and album won by my husband from EBAY.  Needless to say I was overwhelmed with the amount and haven't looked at them since the initial surprise.  I have since been collecting the new stamps that come out all the time at the post office.  Much easier than sorting thru all those stamps!  lol Finding this website to make your own postage will be quite fun.  The question is though, just what would YOU put on the postage?  Just remember, whatever you use could be floating around the world for years to come!


marainey1 said...

I've heard about making your own stamps, but I've never tried it.  I think my stamp would include something like LOVE or PEACE.  Something that needs to be spread around the world. It's a nice idea.  I like your journal and will come back often !  ' On Ya'  -  ma

deabvt said...

Who wouldda known?

megzie212 said...

hi i love your journal =) great pics!

-Meg come to mine sometime---

amazingtweet said...

Cool idea!


jspiker said...

The rabbit stamp is great...  "bug's" seems to be growing leaps and bounds!
I've thought of putting my cat "sputnik" on a stamp. Hmmmm.... we shall see?

deveil said...

Too funny, i just found this website for doing this last week, thought it was pretty cool myself.  My mom got me starting collecting stamps at a young age.  I still love it.  You look like a movie star in that picture.


mrsrosessosweet said...

Well I can tell you that I never knew that about stamps! Very interesting!

I wanted to say thank you for visiting my journal when I was on the Editor's Picks list! I hope to see you back again! Great journal you have here, keep up the good work,