Friday, April 23, 2004

Westward Journey Nickel Series - Peace Medal Design

It's not often that the US Mint changes the nickel. In fact, it's been 66 years!  While at the library yesterday I came across this nickel in my wallet.  No one at the library knew why the back was different.  Well, it is the first of two designs being made this year.  This first nickel represents the Peace Medal that Lewis and Clark gave the Indians as a token of goodwill. It also shows the Louisiana Purchase.   Later this year, a Keelboat design will be issued.  The Keelboat carried Lewis and Clark up the Missouri River.

In 2005, two more designs will be made to commemorate the bicentennial of these events.  Then it's back to the Montecello in 2006.  We visited the Philadelphia Mint one year and it was amazing to see all that money being made. I remember there was a container of quarters totaling $25,000 that we could look at in the lobby.  Talk about a lot of quarters!  Anyway, needless to say, those at the library wanted my nickel yesterday!  lol  But, everyone will be seeing them shortly among the change jingling in their pockets.


wfhbear said...

Last night Libby brought me one of the new nickles from some change she got at the grocery store. It was the first that we have seen. Now, this morning here is your entry. Very Interesting. Is it just the odds or do great minds think alike?  Regards, Bill.

glopsblink said...

I haven't seen the new nickel yet at the work place, but I can't wait until it's overwith. I mean, they are neat but I work as a teller and every time you go to work people want the new it will be the new nickels. Oh well, all comes with the job.....

God Bless. :)