Monday, December 20, 2004

College letters

Kelly looks calm here as she looks over the letters from two of the colleges that she applied for.  But, I think she is just worn out from dancing around in the kitchen after opening them!  She finally heard back from Emory and Wake Forest and they both accepted her.  Now comes the hard part in making up her mind which one to go to.  With pre-med as her major, either one will be a good fit, but Emory is definitely my top choice for her. She has to decide by the middle of January so we will know soon! 

Congratulations Kelly!!


sasonalmah said...

Congratulations Kelly!!!!!!!  BTW, my mom says to tell you that she likes the dolls you pictured a few entries ago!!!!!


deveil said...

Congrats Kelly!  All that hard work is paying off!  Best of luck!  I love the way you are so proud of your children Carol.  I'm missing my mom, I'm making her a little Christmas scrapbook for Christmas, old memories of Christmas pasts.  Hope Santa is good to ya'll.


bernmilo said...

OMG CONGRATS SO MUCH...that is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Holidays to You and Yours if i dont get back here before then......Thanks for stopping in!

aau4ever said...

Emory is to close to home, I would choose Wake Forest.