Wednesday, December 15, 2004

  Yesterday I had to move this poinsettia from in front of my fireplace because it was replaced by a roaring fire.  I finally had my firewood delivered for the upcoming cold days.  I thought of how different things are from long ago.  I remember a time when we would scan the newspapers looking for "free wood you pick up" adds so we could stay warm  in our first home.  We would clear out people's yard of their cut down trees thinking we had the best deal.  I know now that they had "free labor" in us clearing out their yard!  But, I guess we both made out in the end.  As I wrote out the check yesterday for the wood, I thought how easy things have gotten.  The wood was cut, delivered and then stacked in the back yard by my oldest son.  Why though, do I look back and always think that those were the easy years??!  lol


deabvt said...

Ain`t that the truth!

judithheartsong said...

As a teenager I could get out of going to Sunday School and church if I hauled wood in for the woodstove. It was a peaceful, contemplative task. judi