Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Kelly's Dolls














Each year at Christmas I give Kelly a porcelain doll.  This year I put some of them below one of our trees and it looks beautiful.  I'm deciding whether this year will be the last time I give her one since she'll be turning 18 next month.  I know she is too old for dolls, but I see it as a collection to keep.   Having only one daughter, I always wanted to buy her dolls for Christmas.  When she got too old for that, I switched to porcelain dolls to display.  Maybe I should just ask her how she feels about it.  I might be surprised.  Maybe I was only appeasing my feelings all this time!  lol


marainey1 said...

There is something so-o-o special about little girls and their dolls, hopefully your daughter will never tire of them.  Just like ornaments, each one will bring back memories of Christmas past.  Blessings to you and yours this Holiday Season !
'On Ya ' - ma

msecz said...

They are beautiful, and Im sure your daughter still loves them! I gave my Grandaughter a porcelain doll every year too until her shelves got full and then I started collecting some beauties myself. I suppose that is the best thing I thought I could give her ( I think she liked them) I only had one doll when I was young so maybe that was why, I don't know but they sure are all so pretty!