Monday, December 13, 2004





 We had a Christmas dinner Saturday night at the Atlanta National Golf Club in Alpharetta.  The club was decorated beautifully for the season.  Dinner was good and occupied by entertainment that was even better.  It started off with a band of Spanish musicians, followed by a Mid Eastern belly dancer and later on a jazz band.  It was a variety of music that kept things interesting and had the dance floor moving.     



A fun night was had by all and everyone was waiting up when we got home even thought it was very late.  Once again Kelly took hold of the camera and snapped away.  As you can tell by this after party picture, it was obvious who the designated driver was.  lol


sasonalmah said...

Looks like you had a GREAT time!!!!!!


deabvt said...

You look great!
Must have been fun!

msecz said...

Beautiful Picture. I hope you had a wonderful time, Sandra

deveil said...

finally got my account back working.  Ya'll look great, I bet ya'll had fun, sure sounded nice.  Hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas