Thursday, March 10, 2005

Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Daniel and I made a trip over to the  Fernbank Museum in Atlanta during winter break from school.  We went to see the special frog exhibit.  They have over a 100 live frogs from around the world in life-like habitats. 



This slimy green looking one is a Chinese Gliding tree frog.  They have webbed feet that help them jump through the air and then stick to trees with their adhesive toe pads.  To me they sort of looked like frogs made out of silly putty!   








This colorful creature is a Poison Dart frog.  The secretions are so dangerous that they are used in Columbia to coat  blow darts that are used to tranquilize prey.  These were my favorite of the exhibit because they were just so beautiful to look at.  Most of the frogs  blend into their habitat to survive.  These frogs seem to be saying  "I'm here,you want a piece of me?"  lol


Can't leave out the American bullfrog.  :)  I remember as a child going camping and catching these frogs.  One time in particular, I attached  a string to the back leg of a bullfrog  and walked it around like it was one of my pets.  Needless to say I wasn't allowed to take it home!  

 We also went to the IMAX showing of "Bugs, A Rainforest Adventure" and enjoyed that.   I'm feeling the urge to visit a rainforest on the next vacation!  :)  



This was a fun day for Daniel and I.  We both left the museum  wanting to own a frog to go along with the turtles and fish we already have at home.  Now, where's that string?  lol



deveil said...

I love the Fernbank, it's been years since I've been,  I love the pictures and the way you arranged them, your getting more and more creative.  The frogs are great.  I remember having an old truck tire, me and my Papa put in the old pond, after a while the tire which was on the edge of the water and the grass was full of tadpoles, and every week I would walk down and watch them grow into frogs.  It was the most amazing thing, thanks for jogging my memory.  I like that poison dart frog too!


pawsadam said...

Dena was in a herpatology class where she got extra credit for catching frogs and lizards. Needless to say we wound up with one of the frogs as a pet. It was a Hyla versicolor in case you were wondering. We just called her Beau.

deabvt said...

Wow!   Great Pics!  You 2 look terrific!   [frogs not bad either]

cneinhorn said...

sounds like a great day, and you have great photos from that day!  very cool!


anderspmv said...

The little green frogs in Vero Beach get carried off by birds.  Still too cool for frogs.  They will start appearing in a month or two once the temperature goes up.  Picked up a frog at Walmart.  He had jumped on my car.  Turning the corner with the little frog securely anchored to the hood of my car kept hoping he would not jump off into the four lane roadway.  He finally disembarked in the other parking lot.  

Enjoyed your pictures.

Great Grandmother