Friday, March 4, 2005


 "If I could just see him, I could change his mind.  Even though he loves me, he can't give up his calling, he says.  All this time, I've known I wasn't a match for God.  Now God's making sure I pay for daring to think I could be."             The Sunday Wife - Cassandra King  

Our book for this month's reading club was The Sunday Wife by Cassandra King.  I enjoyed this novel with all it's different characters and was engrossed in reading  how their lives intertwined.  It was a witty, skillfully written novel that quickly became one that I would recommend.  It showed how destructive addictive love can be and left messages that we all could learn from. This novel made for a long and interesting discussion at the meeting. 
Oh, and the social part of the night was fun also.  :)


mumma4evr said...

I read this book and  liked it until the end.  I found it too predictable!

deveil said...

Wonder if there is a journal book club discussion group that would be interesting.  I just started writing my first book.  It's called "Messiah Man", I've only finished the first chapter though.  I'll have to send youa copy and see what you think.