Sunday, July 30, 2006

Kelly's flip

I will have to say that Kelly's first time in my kayak was an experience for her. :) As I was putting her in the boat, I kept hearing her say "I can't do this!". I just laughed and told her "just do it!". Little did I know that as soon as I turned my back, she was in the water. As I jumped in to make sure she exited the boat, I saw her on her back laughing and saying "I told you so!". She didn't want to get back in, but she tried again. After being more patient this time, she did well and enjoyed a little paddle in the cove. She proceeded the next day to venture out more into the lake with me. It was a fun time. :)


jspiker said...

Been there, done that....just like roller skating for the first time. <ha>
Now you are ready for years of enjoyment on the water!
Good Mom....

deveil said...

I'm enjoying catchng up!  I've missed your posts, very the longest time it was marked private and wouldn't let me read.  For some reason tonight I decided to see and it came up.   Your making me smile tonight!