Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Paddle Georgia 2006


Dan and I just returned from our week long trip down the Etowah River.  This was a project of Georgia River Network.  It was 120 miles total of 7 days on the river.  We camped each night and kept moving from the Dawson State Forest to downtown Rome Georgia where the Etowah meets the Oostanaula to form the Coosa River.
In this picture, Dan and his friends left their kayaks to swim in the cool waters of the river.  What fun they had going over the shoals!  It was amazing to see how quickly friends were made on this trip.  Each wanted the other to finish the 120 miles of hard work paddling in rain, intense heat and strainers that filled the river the first few days.   
Here we are the last day on the water after going over quite a rapid before Lock and Dam Park in Rome.  As you can see we are smiling.  The week had gone fast and I for one didn't want it to end.  My thought was continue on down the River to Mobile and into the Gulf!  I guess I'll have to save that trip for another time.  :)

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jspiker said...

Congratulations...looks like a GREAT trip!
I envy you and Dan for being able to enjoy the water like this.
Maybe some day......