Friday, July 14, 2006

Thompson Weinman Dam

Mile 3.5 - Thompson Weinman Dam - This lowhead dam poses a serious, dangerous threat if you go over it. There are no buoys to mark the dam so unless you know it is there, it is very easy to paddle right up to it's lip without realizing you are about to go over a 20- foot drop. After going beneath the Ga 293 bridge, keep to the left bank. Safety boats will direct you to the portage path. A TRIP OVER THIS DAM (RE:WATERFALL) COULD BE FATAL.
The above message was on our map for June 28th of the Paddle Georgia Trip. As I was preparing that morning for the 18 mile paddle, I read this paragraph on our map for the day. Needless to say, I was a little apprehensive, but sure that we would find this place and get around it becaue we were with 300 other people that day. We did just that and took pictures in front of it after we portaged around the dam. But I'm still thinking about that place 2 weeks later and keep wondering why there are not any buoys or warning signs posted in that area. Yes, we were fine because we were aware of it, but what about someone just getting out for the day and paddling this part of the river? I have found a web site for the Etowah River and plan on posing that question. We had caution signs along the river at different times for sediments and debris in the water, why not a sign for this dam??

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jspiker said...

There's one on the Coal River near me also. I wonder why it's not considered dangerous and well marked also. It's the same thing with high walls on old coal mine sites. People often wonder how someone could walk right off the edge to their deaths but it's VERY easy to do....

A little sign could go a long ways here to prevent a terrible accident.
Keep shaking the bushes until you get results. Write letters to the editors of local papers....

btw/ That's a great organization you participated in while paddling along the Georgia Rivers. I've read the web site and am glad you and Dan are part of it.