Sunday, June 19, 2011

Friend for the day :)

"The river is a promise of things to come, a ribbon of hope shining in the sun. The river is life for the great and small" -Walkin' Jim Stoltz

Day 2 on the Oconee and what a nice day it was as I had a new friend that paddled with me. :). Sitting at the dam and waiting for all the people to portage around, I was getting a little bored. That is until someone handed me this little turtle. What fun I had watching it crawl all around my boat. At one point I had it in my pfd pocket when I had to pull my boat out. It was a tiny little thing with a great pattern on the shell and great color. All the young kids were excited to see one that small. After paddling down the river the 15 miles, I gave it to a young girl who put it back in the water. :)
Dan and I had a great day paddling together and swimming outside our boat. We were on the water at 7:30 and off at 5:30. It was a long, but fun day. :)
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