Monday, March 22, 2004

The beach


My patience had to come into play these last few days if I wanted to keep any type of sanity.   With the upgrade of this computer and all that went with it, I would have to say I've kept my cool. We have yet to get all the programs on here that I use for my work and the pictures that I play around with.  This is done every year for my benefit but it seems to take forever when it happens.  With that said, I feel I have the time to dream of  being back on the beach at Paradise Island with the sand feeling as powdery as you can imagine and stuck between my toes .  The water is crystal clear and the birds are singing sweetly around me.   I can feel the energy from the sun filling up inside of me and the warmth encircling me like a blanket.  The views are spectacular with the lush trees all around and the feeling of tranquility fills the air......  ahhhhhhhhh...... In the background I hear....."we're up and running!" ! ?  Gees....back to reality.  lol


ckays1967 said...

I am soooooo green with envy....I wanna be here. (there?)

ckays1967 said...