Wednesday, March 24, 2004

A challenge

Sometimes I get one pulled over on me because I tend to believe in what I am told.   In other words, I choose to believe that people wouldn't lie.  That on occasions will have consequences.  After purchasing an item from a reputable company, I was given a rebate form for $130 to mail in.  After looking over the form in the store I noticed the purchase by date had been expired.  The representative said not to worry. She said they use these forms all the time and it will definitely work.  Well, go figure.  Checking online today for the status, it stated "sorry, rebate expired".  Since I always like a challenge in the business world,  I called and explained the situation.  I have learned from experience that stating the facts without yelling or demeaning the person will get you everywhere.  My $130 check will be arriving in 15 days.  Success...the only way to go. :)


wildflower121764 said...

This is a lesson indeed and one I need to learn myself. People who work service desks really get reamed out. I use to watch when I worked at Walmart years ago. You wouldn't believe the level some people stoop to just to have power over another person. I've been this way myself. It's totally selfish. We can all learn from your example.

deabvt said...

Yeaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for you.

carolhehe said...

Customer Service really does exist without blowing a fuse on people. I glad you found out first hand that reputable companies do care. I am the same way, I choose to believe people. Sometimes ya get burned but it is better then going around not believing anyone *smiles to you*

jamcs605 said...

Good for you! The pictures are so beautiful.